The AI mobile solution for metered parking

eParking is the platform that integrates all forms of payment, provides efficient and real-time supervision

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Electronic monitoring
for metered parking

With our platform take control of the service in a simple and efficient way

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Multiple payment options

With our innovative mobile app available on all platforms, you can quickly pay and find a parking spot, saving you time and effort. In addition, we offer the option to pay through an interactive Chat Bot in SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger and Telegram, which guides you step by step in a simple way.

Efficient control

Our advanced system facilitates the automatic sending of daily reports ensuring efficient control. Enforcement agents use a mobile application to receive dynamic vehicle data, eliminating manual license entry. With real-time information on parking and vehicle occupancy, we optimize the work of inspectors, guiding them to areas with lower compliance for greater efficiency.

Effective management

Our cloud-based web platform allows real-time monitoring from any device. We integrate analysis tools for optimal operational and economic decisions. With flexible zone rates, we optimize traffic by moving vehicles away from congested areas.

About us

At EYCON, we are leaders in innovative urban mobility solutions, integrating the latest technologies so you can manage parking, mobility and transportation services without complications.

We offer the most complete solution with AI integration to process transactions and leverage data, helping you make smart and effective decisions.

Our parking management platform is everything you need: an intuitive dashboard that gives you the tools to stay in control, be more efficient, and maximize your effectiveness.

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